50ml Hand Sanitizer - 76% Alcohol


A portable size, easy to carry in your pocket, or leave in your car or desk drawer. GermShield always with you.

If you do not like the smell of alcohol, this Hand Sanitizer is available in two special fragrances made only for GermShield—Fresh Island and Came From Heaven scents. 

  • Maximum protection with 76% natural alcohol
  • Convenient size to keep with you wherever you go
  • Scented
  • Moisturizes your hands with Jojoba Esters Oil
  • Non-sticky
  • Color and dye-free (is this TRUE for the scented products???)

Instant hand sanitizer
76% Alcohol, Fresh Island and Came From Heaven scents

Package: Squeeze to Dispense

Perfect for Personal Use - Purse, Desk, Cubicle, Car, Children's Lunchbox, etc.

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